Seasonal brews, food and fun.

The Seasonal Brewing Company will be a boutique microbrewery with a tasting and dining area on site. It will produce beer on site to a capacity of 1000 to 2000 litres per batch of premium quality beer to satisfy the high end of the craft beer market. Only the finest quality ingredients will be used and there will be no compromise on the types and quantity of ingredients.

Due to the small scale nature of the brewing operation, there will be an emphasis on experimentation and attempts to create unique styles that are not produced anywhere else in the state. There will be a high rotation of different beer styles that will be reformulated with the changing season. We recognise that consumers choose different beer styles in the summer to those in winter. The styles will be refreshed to complement changing tastes in different seasons and also to give customers a reason to come back to try our beers again. There will also be quarterly functions, where the next season’s line up of beers will be show cased.