Our Story

My partner and I live in Maylands and love the beautiful natural landscape around the Maylands peninsula and its wetlands. My partner is a professional artist and she will be leading the interior design of the venue that takes inspiration from and celebrates the local native landscape. This will include installation art work and large amounts of decorative greenery. The decor will change with the seasons as well as the art work that will draw on participation from the local perth art community. The Guildford Rd frontage will include an alfresco area with full functioning vegetable and herb garden, potted trees and synthetic grass. We intend to include an enclosed sandpit and children’s play area to create a safe and relaxing environment for families to enjoy an afternoon lunch outing. The seasonal concept also extends to the food and beer offerings. These will be changed and refreshed with each new season. This ensures that there will always be something new and exciting to try on each return visit. 

We will invite customers to tour the brewery and see the brewing process during operational hours. The brewery area will be available in addition to the rest of the venue for private functions and events such as wedding receptions and work group parties. We want it to feel spacious, with enough seating and dining area available, that everyone will feel comfortable. 

We intend to provide an environment that will be enjoyed by all residents and people of all ages. We will do this by providing a high quality, locally made, artisanal product and by providing an atmosphere that encourages responsible behaviour and responsible drinking. A visit to the venue will be as much about the food and atmosphere as it is about the beer. 

The development of this venue will attract tourists and residents from the City of Bayswater area and beyond. It will improve the aesthetic appeal of the area on Guildford Rd and encourage additional growth in the hospitality and retail sector in the area due to increased foot traffic and patronage. The venue will be a fun meeting place to be enjoyed by all and one that we can be proud to have in our community.