We Have A Brewery!


The tanks arrived the other day and it was super exciting! One of the most satisfying days so far. At long last, after all the planning, we now have a brew house. Very pleased with the gear. I think it will serve us very well. We had the epoxy floor resin laid and dried just in time to have it go straight in from the truck. Getting it all through the door and in place was tricky, to say the least, but it’s all worked out and looks very impressive.

Things are moving along nicely. All of the concrete has been laid. The interior walls and roof structures have been built and installed. The cool rooms are going in at the moment and we’ll be getting ready to start with the bars, kitchen and landscaping very soon.

Brody and I will be doing some contract brewing next week at ECU Joondalup, which has a small brewery on campus. We want to make a head start on brewing before our brew house is ready so we can get as many styles out for opening as possible. We’ll be making an extra hoppy European pilsner and a super yummy winter mystery beer that will be announced later on.

Things are about to get busy as all get out and, all things being on schedule, we should have construction finished by 21st of June. Not long now. See you at the opening party!