Moving Right Along


First of all. Let me say a very big thank you to all the people who helped out with surveys and statements for the liquor licence application. Much appreciated!! All of the required information was lodged with the department and there've been no complaints so far :)

Things are getting very busy now and everything is coming together. Along with a head brewer, we now have an agreement with a partner who is going to manage the restaurant side of things. The design and equipment for the kitchen are being drawn up and we've decided to go with a kitchen that will give us a great deal of flexibility in the styles of food we can offer. The food, along with the beer, will be truly seasonal. We'll also have the capacity to host some fairly big functions. 

We've begun working with a supplier for the brewing equipment and I'm super excited about the quality and high standard of the gear. It'll give us the ability to make many different styles of beer and have a lot of different things on tap at any one time to keep things interesting.

This week there is an upcoming meeting of the minds to discuss interior design concepts and we hope to add a really cool look and feel to the space while keeping it nice and comfy too. I'll post some more images soon. Cheers!

Nick Southwell