Unofficial councillor approval by unanimous vote!


On Tuesday night this week, the City of Bayswater council voted unanimously in support of approval of our application. The approval will not become official until they vote again at the ordinary council meeting on the 27th of March. However, all councillors, the Mayor and CEO were present at the meeting and were all in support (albeit with 28 conditions). This means, if there are no unforeseen twists, we should get development approval on the 27th and everything can get moving! 

Next steps are to meet again with the architect and get the building plans sorted out. Then we can pass these onto the liquor licensing guys and that can get moving again. I'll also be looking for someone to handle the kitchen and restaurant side (either by contract or partnership) and someone to take on the role of head brewer. I'll also be looking for any additional business partners and/or investors. 

If you want to look over the minutes of the council meeting, you can view them here. I also have a copy of the speech I gave if you want to have a read?

Nick Southwell