Objections are in but I keep on brewing


The license advertising period has ended and there were 4 objections in total. Two residential, one business and one from the Police. From what I understand, it's normal for the police to object and apparently they object to every (or almost every) liquor licence application. If you're interested in reading it, you can check it out here. I'll be getting some legal advice this week to find out what happens next.

Meanwhile, my latest brew is a New England style IPA. This is a newish style of IPA made popular in the north eastern United States and originated in New England. It's typically very pale in colour and has a turbid haziness from excessive dry hopping. It has low bitterness because all hops are added post boil. It should be dryer than usual because it lacks the bitterness to balance sweetness. Usually it has a lot of tropical fruit character. Last weekend I made a split batch. One will be dry hopped with Centennial and Mozaic and fermented with a US yeast strain. The other with Galaxy and Mosaic and an English ale yeast. I'll experiment with different dry hopping techniques and see which one is the winner.